Keryn of Myriadbeads
As the designer and creator of bead-woven jewellery, and more recently, polymer clay beads, it gives me a great deal of joy and fulfilment to create each and every piece.
Forever drawn to creative endeavour, from teenage knitting, to sewing, embroidery, calligraphy and more, I have turned my attention to jewellery design in more recent years. My first hands-on beading encounter was 4 years ago, at a one day workshop to make an amulet purse – a spur of the moment decision - and I have been captivated by beads ever since.
Always on the lookout for focal beads around which to construct my designs, I came upon the stunning and unique works of art that those in polymer clay (PC) are achieving. Thus, I started to experiment with PC and have only just begun to explore the myriad possibilities of this fascinating and exciting medium – the colours, shapes, styles and effects that can be achieved are spectacular. Even though I work full time as a speech pathologist I can always find some moment in the day to settle to the totally absorbing pursuit of the next creation.

I hope you enjoy viewing my selection of jewelry pieces created from my handcrafted polymer clay beads, as well as my beaded pieces.

You are welcome to convo me regarding ideas for new pieces or changes to current pieces to suit your preferences.